Research and development

Through continuous research, we have grown into a global company.

Core · innovation technology

We will use creative technology to lead new changes and innovations.



Ensure global technology competitiveness and competitiveness
Field application of excellent technology

In order to ensure the global technological competitiveness, we are engaged in production automation.
We are doing a lot of research and development and applying the results to this field.





Research and development of innovative technology

With excellent staff and cutting-edge new technology, we are moving forward. In addition, based on the best processing technology accumulated over a long period of time, we are striving to develop technology to achieve common growth.










Production technology

Li Ke has a complete wall mounted furnace and water heater production line, equipped with intelligent and automatic production equipment. Adopt reliable parts and components to improve the service life of the products. At the same time, we have a professional team of production testing engineers and strictly control the quality of products.

Gas proportional valve

According to the demand of heating, accurately adjust the opening of throttle valve to ensure the accurate change of water temperature and achieve intelligent temperature control.


Heat exchanger

Stainless steel material, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, reduce energy consumption, improve efficiency.

Display panel

Dynamic liquid crystal display, real-time reflect the working data, information at a glance, easy to operate.


High speed energy-saving imported fan, stepless speed throughout, accurate ratio, environmental protection and energy saving.

Water pump

Equipped with imported high efficiency and energy-saving water pump, it can prevent jamming and operate in silence to ensure quiet and comfortable indoor environment.

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